The Brag Book and 5 Reasons Why You Have to Have It! | Photography Product

Raise your hand if every year you have your photo session taken and every year you get a CD or a USB with all your images (now downloadable digital images) and every year there they sit.  You may use the one image for your holiday card or maybe even two and the rest sit there on a digital device collecting dust.  While having the digital images is convenient, its really only nice if you do something with them!

Boutique Photography Studio Service

As a boutique photography studio I provide complimentary product concierge consultation in your own home after session.  This service provides you with the opportunity to see what sizes and products look best where you will be hanging them, on the walls of your home!  It also gives you the opportunity to see and feel the different products I offer.  The newest product being the Brag Book.

brag book offered by lisa d. photography as a photography product


When I first decided to carry this photography product, I was thinking High School Seniors and have included one in both my High School Senior packages.  Since then, clients have asked for a similar photography product for family sessions, boudoirs,  and weddings and here’s why.

1. They are awesome for new moms. Or any moms for that matter! Carry your brag book around in your purse and show off your little people!  Brag books are excellent for grandmothers too!  It gives grandma 8 images of her children and grandchildren from your family session that she can carry around in her purse and show her friends, her hair dresser, or anyone she brags to!

2. They are perfect for boudoir sessions! What an amazing stocking stuffer for your man, 8 provocative photos of yourself!

3. It makes an easy parent album for weddings.  One for the parents of the bride, one for the parents of the groom, and you’re done. boom.

4.  We don’t make albums anymore.  I have albums from 5th grade until about 8 years ago.  I have every image chronicled and then digital images came along and then nothing.  Facebook has served as my albums and my external drive holds my negatives.  But there’s no sentiment and romance sitting around the computer looking at old photos.  Albums are much more nostalgic.  So get a brag book for yourself!

5. Brag books make a great gift and the holidays are coming up so order yours today!



Would you like to get your hands on one of these for FREE with images from your session??  Email me a video clip (cell phone video is fine) telling me what your favorite thing about your photography session or event with Lisa d. Photography was to  One lucky winner will be drawn at random!!  Video clip must be sent in before Thanksgiving!  The videos will be complied into one video file for the website.


To book Lisa d. Photography and get your very own brag book or for more information, contact 480-221-5636 or  Know someone who might want a brag book? Don’t be shy share this page with your friends and family!


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