Oreo Stuffed Cupcakes! Whhhaatt!

For the last three months I have essentially been working 70 hour work weeks; between my teaching day job, my photography shoots, and editing. Ok so now it’s day 1 of summer vacation.  I’ve commited to myself that I am going to read the list of books that I’ve stocked into my Amazon shopping cart, I’m going to shoot more photos for leisure purposes and not work, I’m going to deep clean the house, organize my closet… anyways you get the idea.  But high up on the list is that I’m going to bake and cook as  much as I can from the www.foodgawker.com website! Total addict here.

So as I was saying its day 1 of summer vacation and I’ve baked my first ‘food gawker’ item AND have taken pictures of it!! Way to go, me. (*Note to my friend Steph C., if you are reading don’t go any further, these are for your birthday tomorrow)  What? You haven’t heard of “food gawker?” It’s a site of different food blogs with great food photography and awesome recipes.  This particular Oreo Stuffed Cupcake comes from Inspired Taste (click the link).  Did I mention they have an Oreo cookie inside? Oh and also Nutella buttercream frosting…enough said.