Sedona Wedding Photography | Michele + Jeff

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I’m not a great driver. Well actually what I should say is I’m not a confident driver and never really have been. I dislike driving and let others drive any chance I get. So when I got an inquiry about a little wedding tucked in the red rocks of Sedona, I hesitated for a moment, but then figured I could work out the logistics of how I’d get to Sedona later. Later came and I was faced with pulling up my big girl panties and driving myself up north and I am oh so glad I did!!

When I arrived to Michele’s hotel room, all the ladies were wearing these beautiful purple kimono robes! Purple being Pantone color of the year and all! A photo opportunity dream!

Sedona Wedding | Lisa d. Photography | Purple Robes

Michele’s sister created the bouquets for Michele and all the bridesmaids, super impressive!! And don’t you love those sparkly shoes!

Sedona Wedding | Lisa d. Photography | bridal detail shots

We had a smallish adventure finding the ceremony site, but once we got there…

Sedona Wedding | Lisa d. Photography

 AMAZING light!!

Sedona Wedding | Lisa d. Photography

and AMAZING red rock glory!

Sedona Wedding | Lisa d. Photography

Sedona Wedding_3

The red rocks make a breathtaking backdrop for family portraits.

bridesmaids in Sedona wedding

Sedona Weddin6

The warmth of the light as it reflects off the mountains is like nothing I’ve ever photographed before.  Add in this gorgeous couple and an outpouring of love and…voila! Some stunning images of this bride and groom.

Sedona Wedding | Lisa d. Photography Sedona Wedding | Lisa d. PhotographySedona Wedding | Lisa d. Photography

This silhouette shot, really steals the show.  We were running out of light so quickly with only a very short time to grab their bridal portraits and I knew Michele had a silhouette shot on her wish list. Down in the dirt I rolled for the final shot of the evening, and ladies and gentleman it was well worth it for quite possibly my favorite wedding image to date.  Thanks Michele and Jeff for allowing me the honor to capture your intimate celebration of your love.

Sedona Wedding_005

Officiant:  Renee Spitler

Guitar: Annie Sand Williams

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